Get Your Smile Holiday-Picture Ready with Zoom! Whitening Treatments

The holidays can be stressful, and there’s no sense in adding to that anxiety with worries about whether or not your teeth are “picture ready.” If you’re dreading holiday picture taking because of a yellow or stained smile, you can mark this item off your to-do list by picking up the phone and booking a quick lighten and brighten appointment.   

At Spectrum Dental Care in Norcross, Georgia, Dr. Ifeanyi Ezunu can give you the smile of your dreams. Just one appointment for a fast, easy teeth whitening procedure with Zoom!®, and you’ll be ready for those all important holiday photos.

Teeth whitening 101

What causes tooth stains? You could have caused a yellowing or darkening of your teeth due to using nicotine, drinking red wine frequently, or consuming a lot of caffeine in drinks like coffee, tea, or dark sodas, among other factors. You can also have darker teeth due to your environment or from a hereditary risk.

Teeth that are less than snow white and sparkling don’t mean your hygiene is necessarily to blame, or that you are unhealthy. However, you might feel down on yourself over the appearance of your smile, or suffer self-esteem issues. For this reason alone, you might want to check with our team to see if we can raise your spirits by increasing the whiteness level of your smile!

Zoom! teeth whitening 

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is one of the best ways to get an almost-instant boost for your appearance. Dr. Ezunu may recommend this if you have otherwise healthy teeth. A single Zoom! tooth whitening procedure can brighten your smile by up to eight shades in a single appointment. 

First, our team makes sure you are completely comfortable, since the entire process takes a little longer than an hour. Then we protect your gums from the whitening agent and paint a hydrogen peroxide-based gel onto the surfaces of your teeth. 

Finally, we shine a lamp with a specific type of concentrated light directly on your teeth to activate the gel. The light treatment is done in three phases of 15 minutes each, with a short break between each phase to let you relax your cheeks and lips. 

Zoom! works on extrinsic stains, which are stains that are on the surface of your teeth, or which have only seeped into the uppermost layers. You’ll be able to see the difference immediately. You might feel a little sensitive around your teeth and gums for a few days after treatment, but this should wear off quickly.

The Zoom! procedure has been proven to be safe and effective when applied correctly by a trained dental professional. Dr. Ezunu and our dental team are all trained in the use of Zoom! for teeth whitening, leading to optimal results and a safe treatment.  

Ready to smile for the camera and say, “Happy Holidays?” Call our office at 770-709-1066 or request your appointment online today. 

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