The Many Benefits of All-on-4® for Replace Missing Teeth

When you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, you might believe that your only two realistic tooth-replacement options are undergoing full-arch restorations with surgically inserted dental implants or getting removable dentures. But implants are expensive and dentures don’t look or feel completely natural. Plus, dentures change the way you speak and eat, and have a tendency to slip.

If you’re among the 12 million United States adults who are edentulous (i.e., toothless) in at least one arch or the other 23 million who are edentulous in both arches, you don’t have to choose between dentures and implants anymore. Led by Ifeanyi Ezunu, DDS,

the experienced team at Spectrum Dental Care in Norcross, Georgia, offer All-on-4® by Nobel BioCare. Here, they share what the All-on-4 system is and why their patients are among the 98% who’d recommend this unique form of tooth replacement.

Faster and easier than full-mouth implants

The All-on-4 system combines the security and permanence of dental implants with the ease and affordability of dentures. Instead of replacing all of your missing teeth in an arch with dental implants — which can take multiple surgeries over the course of many months — we simply place four implants per arch in a single surgery.

In most cases, you can get your implants inserted and leave Spectrum Dental’s office with a temporary prosthesis in just one appointment. You return a few weeks later — after your final, custom-designed prosthesis is ready — so we can attach it to your implants.

No slipping or sliding  

If you’ve tried dentures before, you know their advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage, of course, is that they’re less costly than other types of multiple tooth-replacement systems. The disadvantages include:

The All-on-4 system anchors your prosthetic teeth to dental implants that are embedded in your jaw — no more slipping or sliding. Your teeth stay in place so you can enjoy your favorite foods. They also feel more like real teeth, because the prosthesis doesn’t need to cover the roof of your mouth.

You don’t need bone grafts

When your dentist evaluates you for dental implants, one of the necessary criteria is having enough strong and dense alveolar bone to keep the implants in place. However, if you’ve been missing teeth for a while — even if you wore dentures — your alveolar bone may have atrophied over time because you didn’t have tooth roots, which stimulate the creation of new bone cells.

At this point, dentists usually recommend a bone grafting procedure to rebuild your jawbone so it can hold your implants. This step alone can take months to heal, extending the time it takes to restore your smile with dental implants.

With All-on-4, however, your dentist inserts the two implants at the back of your jaw at 45-degree angle. The angle anchors your implants in place, even if you have scant bone in that area. By tilting the implants, your dentist maximizes the amount of available bone you have, so you don’t have to undergo a bone graft.

You have a choice

When you get the All-on-4 system, you have a choice between a permanent prosthesis and a removable one. The removable prostheses simply snap onto and off your implants for regular cleaning. Permanent prostheses are more stable and don’t have to be removed for cleaning

Find out if you’re a candidate for All-on-4 by scheduling a consultation today. Call Spectrum Dental at 404-382-8213, or request an appointment online.

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